Nyēin chān yēi | Unchangeable serenity

Nyēin chān yēi evokes the image of a «peaceful, calm, and undisturbed» situation, which was first used in the golden context of Myanmar. It is composed of the word nyēin, which means «to extinguish or be extinguished (as in a fire)» or «to come to an end (as in troubles, worries, or disturbances).» One can easily imagine a situation where all negative influences would vanish, resulting in total and unchanging serenity.

Nyēin chān yēi conveys the idea of deep and lasting peace, as if the flames of agitation and concerns have been soothed, allowing one to attain a state of unwavering harmony and tranquility. This notion is often associated with inner tranquility, where the mind is liberated from agitations and preoccupations, enabling the discovery of complete balance and serenity within oneself.

This expression refers to a state of being that transcends external disturbances, where inner peace becomes an unshakable force in the face of life’s challenges and trials. Nyēin chān yēi encourages the cultivation of a serene and undisturbed mind, capable of remaining stable and peaceful in all circumstances. It is an aspiration to achieve a state of consciousness where inner equilibrium is preserved despite the external tumults, enabling one to navigate with grace and wisdom through the sometimes turbulent waters of existence.

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