~ Cycle MasterClass 2019 ~

Since ancient times, our civilizations have always been marked by rituals that have shaped our cultures and celebrated significant moments. But in this individualistic, consumer-driven, and deritualized 21st century, what if we were all modern heroes and heroines? Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s legendary «Hero’s Journey» and drawing from great spiritual traditions, this new MasterClass 2019 series offers a symbolic vision of Life and provides a way to transform our “existential doubts” into a true «initiatory journey.».

« We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. […] The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. » – Joseph Campbell

Following the myth’s thread, this training is structured around four complementary but independent thematic modules. It practically explores theoretical tools (scientific & literary), practical exercises (exercices & animations) and methodological approaches (artistic & sensory) necessary to experience our world in all its richness and complexity. It helps reinfuse meaning into our daily lives and expand personal awareness. Based on a transdisciplinary and experiential approach, the training is open to anyone (professional or not) interested in symbolic aspects and requires no specific prior knowledge. Are you ready to embark on this adventure?

Reenchanting the World: A Tribute to Ritual and the Sacred

  • Module 1 | The Quest : « The Call » |March 16 & 17, 2019

What is our personal quest? How can we find meaning in our daily lives, and what are we called toward? Following the principles of great narratologists (V. Propp, J. Campbell, T. Todorov) and inspired by contributions from sacred psychology (J. Houston & M. Taleb), this first module lays the universal foundations of foundational myths and tales, evoking the “soul of the World” across different (spi)ritual traditions. If Life is a ritual journey, this spring module celebrates the symbolic, reminding us to reintegrate the archaic sacred (logos ≠ mythos) into a sometimes disenchanted, cynical, and disillusioned modernity to reenchant the World. Follow the guide!

  • Module 2 | The Threshold : « The Sacred » | July 6 & 7, 2019

Continuing the journey of the heroes and heroines that we are, this second module questions and tests our engagement with Life by concretely addressing the “thresholds” of existence (E. Durkheim). While exploring the subtle nuances between the sacred and the profane in our contemporary lives (M. Eliade), this summer module takes us to the discovery of the “Axis Mundi” and the three dimensions of Being (kronos ≠ kairos). We’ll delve into Norse and Egyptian mythologies to place our “small” story within the “grand” symbolic narrative of Humanity. A sacred challenge!

  • Module 3 | The Initiation : « The Rituals » | September 14 & 15, 2019

This third module is dedicated to the density and diversity of initiatory stages, through rites of passage (A. Van Gennep) and social rituals (birth, puberty, unions, separations, death). It dissects the theoretical and practical tools of ritual work in the broadest sense and the “numinous” (R. Otto), highlighting the significance of ritual initiations and keys to finding meaning in existential crises and trials (E. Kübler-Ross). Like Hercules facing his 12 labors, this autumnal module immerses us in the unconscious and symbolic death to overcome doubts, transcend fears, and embrace our shadows. Quite a program!

  • Module 4 | The Return : « Integration » | November 16 & 17, 2019

A “return” to our communities is only possible for heroines and heroes who have surmounted challenges, defeated dragons, and integrated the lessons of their respective quests. Focused primarily on practical application, this fourth module concludes and consecrates the entire training cycle. By revisiting the sources of eco-psychology (P. Shepard & Th. Roszak) and drawing from the concept of sacred activism (A. Harvey), this winter module broadens our consciousness and proposes a constructive and activist approach to reenchant the world. Life is a cosmic joke!


MasterClass designed and facilitated by Julien Abegglen Verazzi
Location : Impact Hub Genève | 1 Rue Fendt 1201 (behind Cornavin station)
Cost: 250 CHF per module + conscientious and responsible contribution
When: 09:30 AM => 01:00 PM & 02:30 PM => 06:00 PM (Saturday & Sunday)
Dates: March 16-17 | July 6-7 | September 14-15 | November 16-17

In line with its cardinal values (equity, respect, and inclusion), the Humanisthme association encourages conscientious and responsible participation : the sum you give consciously for the service is determined by the support you wish to provide to the association. Besides the logistical expenses (250 CHF per person), the contribution is mandatory, but no price will be demanded or proposed. It’s the result of reflections and experiences on our relationship with money, inspired by the gift economy, and represents the valuation of the efforts made.

« People nowadays know the price of everything and the value of nothing. » – Oscar Wilde

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